Wrong Way Car Accident Kills Three on I-45 in Head-On Collision

In late July, a 78-year-old man got on Interstate 45 just south of Corsicana driving the wrong direction. His Chevy Silverado pickup truck soon collided head-on with an oncoming Nissan Pathfinder, which contained two adults and six children. The Nissan was instantly thrown into another lane, causing it to collide with an additional two vehicles.

The driver of the Nissan was killed on impact, while a 14-year-old passenger died at a local hospital due to injuries sustained in the wreck. The elderly man, James Edward Warren of Richland, was also killed. The car accident shut down I-45 in the area for six hours, and the surviving victims of the crash were all transported to local hospitals.

Though police say there was no evidence of drunk driving, an exact cause of the car accident has not yet been determined. It is suspected that many of the children inside the vehicle were not properly restrained, and the Texas Department of Public Safety is currently investigating the crash.

How Our Car Accident Attorneys Could Help Obtain Compensation

Sadly, stories like this one are not uncommon in today’s day and age. Families and innocent children are killed daily due to the negligence and poor choices of other drivers, causing devastating pain and loss for surviving friends and family. As an experienced Dallas car accident attorney, I aim to make the post-accident period just a little bit easier for these victims. While I cannot bring their loved ones back, I can ensure the families get the justice they deserve for the wrongs they have suffered.

I can also make sure survivors are properly compensated for their pain, anguish and any damages they’ve incurred. While these may not ease the pain, they can make sure burial and funeral expenses, residual medical bills, car repairs and other costs are not a financial burden.

In this particular situation, there are a number of potential plaintiffs I could represent, including:

  • The surviving family members in the Nissan Pathfinder, which would include the woman and five remaining children
  • The drivers and passengers of the two additional vehicles, which collided with the Pathfinder after Warren’s pickup truck struck it

Both of these parties would be due compensation for the car accident, though the family in the Nissan – as they suffered two wrongful deaths – would be owed significantly more. These surviving victims would likely be due:

  • Lost income, wages, benefits, etc compensation

    First, the family would be due compensation for all the financial losses suffered as a result of the deaths. Most likely, the driver killed was the father and a contributing breadwinner in the household. With him gone, the family loses an annual salary, a pension or 401K, health benefits and many other financial assets that helped keep the house afloat. In a legal claim, the family would be due compensation both for the financial losses they’ve already suffered, as well as those they will suffer in the future, as a result of the death.

  • Medical bills compensation

    The survivors would also be due funds for any medical bills they incurred, including ambulance rides, medical air transport, ER fees, diagnostic testing, medications, surgeries and any future treatments the family members need. They would be able to recoup costs for medical expenses incurred on the deceased driver and child as well.

  • Car damages compensation

    It is likely the Pathfinder suffered much damage in the car accident or was completely totaled as a result. The family would be due compensation to repair their vehicle or replace it outright, if it is irreparable.

  • Loss of consortium, care, guidance, etc compensation

    As the surviving family members lost someone who played a key role in their lives, they may be able to get compensation for things like loss of consortium (for the wife), loss of guidance (for the children) and more, depending on the relationship the survivors had with the deceased.

It’s not uncommon for severe car accident cases like these to warrant pain and suffering damages as well. This would compensate the family for the pain and anguish they’ve had to deal with as the result of the wreck.

If you or someone you love is ever involved in a severe car accident such as this, please contact a Dallas car accident attorney at Franklin Law Firm as soon as possible. Our expert lawyers are here to help.

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