Teens Killed in Car Accident in Dallas Area

A wrong-way driver was killed, along with 3 teens and his dog. It was one Friday morning last month in Greenville, Texas. Kenneth Frazier, a 78-year-old man from Royse City, was heading the wrong way on I-30 at Lamar Street when his silver Mercury collided with an SUV carrying 5 teens. The teens were traveling from Virginia to Austin for a gaming convention.

The crash occurred in front of an 18-wheeler, and the driver, unable to stop his truck in time, crashed into the SUV as well, causing the vehicle to catch fire. Three of the teens inside were killed on site, and the other 2 were taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. One of them still remains in critical condition.

Frazier and his dog were also killed, while the driver of the 18-wheeler was uninjured. Police say there seemed to be no sign that alcohol or drugs were involved.

Getting Justice for the Teens Hurt and Killed

As long-time Dallas car accident lawyers, we would be able to help the families of the involved teens – both those who perished in the crash, as well as those who were hospitalized for injuries. For all 5 families, we would file a civil suit against the estate of Frazier, as well as the driver of the 18-wheeler. If the 18-wheeler was owned by a trucking company of some sort, we could also file a suit against them, too.

In these suits, we would seek:

  • Funds for medical bills – For the injured teens’ families, we would seek recompense for any medical expenses that were incurred due to the car accident. This could include ambulance fees, diagnostic testing, X-rays, emergency room costs, surgical expenses, medication and more. It could also include any future fees that may be required, like those for physical therapy, ongoing medication and other treatments down the line.
  • Funds for funerals and burials – For the devastated families of the deceased teens, we would work to get compensation to cover all burial and funeral costs that came about, as well as any other expenses that were incurred as a result of the death.
  • Compensation for property damage – As the teen’s vehicle was crushed, burned and destroyed in the car crash, the owners would be due compensation to repair or replace the vehicle, whichever is deemed the necessary course of action. More than likely, given the extent of the accident, the car would need full replacement.
  • Payment for pain and suffering – The families of the deceased teens would certainly be due funds for the pain and anguish they’ve had to endure because of the car accident. Those who were injured would likely be due funds too, both for their physical pain and suffering, as well as for the suffering they’ve felt from losing 3 close friends.

At least 2 of the teens were currently enrolled in school, and as their families likely already paid for tuition, housing and other associated costs for the coming school year, we would seek compensation for these as well.

All in all, we would work to get justice for the teens, their families and those who were affected by their deaths and injuries. We would also work to ensure no families were left in financial turmoil as a result of the costs associated with the car accident or any other expenses incurred.

We Can Help

Having a Dallas car accident ended up being a horrifying experience for everyone involved. If someone you love was hurt or killed in a similar situation, contact the Dallas car accident lawyers at Franklin Law Firm today. Our team is here to get you the justice and compensation your family deserves, and we’ll stop at nothing to help you get that. Want to learn more? Ready to discuss your potential case? Call us now to schedule a free consultation.

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