There are two main reasons why time is so important to your case:


1. We have to prove who was at fault for the collision.

It is important to act quickly to gather and preserve evidence that will be needed to prove your case:

Damaged vehicles get repaired or sold for salvage: The vehicles themselves can offer valuable evidence about how the collision occurred, including the angle of impact and the forces involved. If the damaged vehicles are repaired or sold for salvage, the chance to adequately photograph the vehicles or have them inspected by experts may be forever lost – and crucial evidence lost with it. This is especially important in cases with catastrophic injuries or wrongful death where automobile product defects may be involved (such as defective tires, seatbelts, or other auto defects).

Witnesses disappear: If witnesses are not contacted quickly to record their statements, the chance of obtaining accurate testimony diminishes greatly. Witnesses disappear, memories fade, and cooperation is more difficult to obtain.

The location of the accident may change: Due to the immense amount of construction here in Dallas or the installation of additional traffic control signals or signs, the location of the accident may change. It is important to document the scene of the accident. This can range from simply taking photographs of the scene to hiring an accident reconstruction expert to carefully inspect and document the scene, including skid marks and other evidence in the roadway that can quickly disappear.

Documentation may disappear: Cell phone calls, text records, and other documents are sometimes only kept for a limited time. Many collisions are caused by distracted drivers who are text messaging or talking on their cell phone. Telephone companies sometimes only keep cell phone and text records for a limited period of time. If these records are not promptly requested in time, you may never be able to prove that the person was on the phone or texting at the time of the collision.


2. We have to prove that your injuries were caused by the collision.

Sometimes it’s obvious that your injuries were caused by the collision – broken bones, catastrophic spinal cord injuries, or other life threatening injuries are easy to prove. However, many serious injuries that happen in automobile accidents are more difficult to prove or can go on for a long time without being diagnosed, such as ligament injuries, herniated disks, or mild traumatic brain injuries.

The longer you wait to get medical treatment, the more difficult it becomes to prove that your injuries were caused by the collision and not by something else. That’s why it’s important to seek medical treatment early to make sure that your doctors accurately identify the full extent of your injuries.

All too often, car accident victims either delay treatment or receive inadequate treatment that does not fully diagnose their injuries. They then settle their car accident case cheaply, not realizing that they have a herniated disk in their spine. Several years later, they are living with chronic back pain that could require surgery and are left holding the bill – a bill that should have been collected from the unsafe driver who caused the collision.

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