What type of treatment may I need?

Automobile accidents range from the unreported minor fender bender where no one is hurt to the catastrophic collision that cripples and kills. However, many car accidents that cause serious injuries are best described as moderate. Those involved in the accident may walk away thinking they’re okay, not realizing that they have, in fact, suffered a serious injury. This is because many common injuries suffered in car collisions are not readily apparent, such as ligament injuries, herniated disks, or mild traumatic brain injuries. In the days following the collision, a person may just feel sore and figure it will go away. Then days turn into weeks – and sometimes weeks turn into months. Meanwhile, the true extent of the injuries is left undiagnosed; sometimes, injuries that could have healed if treated early instead become permanent and life altering.

How can a person be seriously injured and not realize it? Here are some common injuries that people suffer in motor vehicle collisions that can be quite serious but often are not fully appreciated by the person until much later. Click on each one to learn more:

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